Complaints- Students Employees, Parents, and Other Persons

  • The St. Michael- Albertville School District takes seriously all concerns or complaints from students, employees, parents, or other persons.  While written reports are encouraged, a complaint may be made orally.  A person may file a complaint at any level of the school district; ie, principal, superintendent or school board.  However, persons are encouraged to file a complaint a the building level when appropriate.  It is best to discuss concerns or complaints with the person most familiar with the incident and if the concern or complaints are not satisfactorily addressed, to the principal or supervisor, superintendent and school board.

    Federal law requires that school districts designate specific individuals and procedures for disability discrimination, sex discrimination, equal education and employment discrimination, homeless and harassment.  Contact information is as follows:

    Dr. Ann- Marie Foucault, Superintendent

    • Student Disability Discrimination, ADA/504 Coordinator
    • Homeless Compliance, District Homeless Coordinator

    St. Michael- Albertville District Office
    11343 50th Street NE
    Albertville, MN 55301


    Doug Birk, Director of Administrative Services

    • Student Sex Discrimination, Human Rights Officer
    • Student or Staff Harassment, Human Rights Officer
    • Equal Education Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Rights Officer
    • Student Sex Nondiscrimination Program Compliance, Title IX Officer

    St. Michael- Albertville District Office
    11343 50th Street NE
    Albertville, MN 55301


    Keith Cornell, Activities Director

    St. Michael- Albertville High School
    5800 Jamison Ave NE
    St. Michael, MN 55376
    763-497-6560 ext. 3