Health Insurance

  • New employees may enroll for medical benefits their first 27 days of employment online at EASECENTRAL.  A link to the site with your login and password will be e-mailed to your district e-mail account. Your policy begins on your first day of work. Enrollment after 27 days is only allowed with a Qualifying Event or at open enrollment. 

    Open Enrollment is from August 19th, 2019 to September 13th, 2019 at 4 p.m.   All employees will be required to make open enrollment changes on EASECENTRAL.  Current coverage will continue unless a change is made.  At open enrollment, you can add/ remove dependents, move from single to family plans, or cancel coverage effective for October 1st, 2019. 

    STMA offers employees single or family health insurance with multiple plan choices.  Here is the summary of plan benefits.  All plans are provided by BlueCross BlueShield of MN using their Aware Network of doctors, clinics and hospitals or their ACCESS-Limited Network of doctors, clinics and hospitals.  Deductibles are calendar year with a 4th quarter carryover for VEBA, HSA, and Hybrid plans(not eligible for MVP plans).

    VEBA PLAN $1850/$3700 is a high deductible health insurance plan combined with a health reimbursement account. The VEBA Health Savings account is employer funded only.  Here is the summary of plan benefits for VEBA.   Benefit Booklet for VEBA.  Here is the summary of plan benefits for ACCESS-LIMITED VEBA.

    HSA PLAN $3375/$6750 and MVP PLAN $6350/$12700 plan are high deductible health insurance plans combined with a H.S.A (Health Savings Account). This allows for employer and employee funding of the HSA account. Here is the summary of plan benefits for HSA.  Benefit Booklet for HSA.  Here is the summary plan of benefits for MVP.  Benefit Booklet for MVP.   

          Calendar year Maximum to contribute to H.S.A (Employee plus Employer funds)  

    •     2019: Single $3500  Family $7000
    •     2020: Single $3550  Family $7100
    •     Catch up allowed for employees 55 and over of $1000
    •     Form required to elect or change your HSA 

    HYBRID PLAN $3375/$6750 is a high deductible health insurance plan allows for VEBA and HSA combination.  Here is the summary of plan benefits for HYBRIDBenefit booklet for HYBRID 

    FIND AN AWARE or ACCESS Doctor/Clinic/Hospital.  Contact Kevin Zachman, of Zachman Insurance agency at 763-497-2430 or Emily Nordmann, Benefits Coordinator at or 763-497-6546 for more details on these plans.  


Doctor on Demand

Vitals SmartShopper

  • Save Money with Vitals SmartShopper: 

    Employees and family members currently enrolled in one of STMA BlueCross BlueShield medical insurance plans can save money by shopping for certain health care services and procedures.  

    Learn more at vitalssmartshopper online at 

Get healthy and get rewarded!

  • Get fit. Get rewarded.  2 ways to save!

    Enroll in Blue365 through your BlueCross BlueShield online account.  Find the Fitness Your Way section to find a gym near you.  Get that monthly membership for only $29.95! 

    Sign up for Sharecare through your BlueCross BlueShield online account.  Sharecare is on online app that can track your days of fitness.  No need to have a gym membership.  To qualify for a gift card, you need to track 21 days of activity in the platform.  

24 Hour Nurse Advice Line #1-800-622-9524

  • When it comes to your health or the health of a family member, you want quick access to health professionals who can answer your questions. When you need professional medical advice, the 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line gives reassurance anytime, day or night. It’s part of your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota health plan through St Michael-Albertville ISD 885 at no additional cost to you.

    Help when you’re not sure what to do next:

    When you face a difficult medical situation, the toll-free nurse advice line is ready to help. In fact, it’s like having a nurse in your family. After all, a trip to the emergency room is expensive and inconvenient. In fact, more than half of all ER visits are not emergencies. When you use the 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line, specially trained registered nurses help you get the right care at the right time. If the situation can be safely resolved at home, the nurses will tell you how — step by step. If you need medical attention, the nurses can help you choose when and where to be treated. In an emergency you shouldn't hesitate to call 911 or go to the ER, but if your condition isn't urgent, call the 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line. They’re ready to help and it can save you money.

    For you and your family:

    The 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line is always there. Call anytime, day or night, when you have symptoms or health questions and take advantage of its many benefits. • Safe, professional health care information and advice • No waiting for callbacks from your doctor or clinic • Help deciding the kind of care you need • Step-by-step support for home treatment and self-care • Referrals to other services offered through the STMA health plan.