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Bus Pricing for Albertville Primary

  • Busing will be provided for an extra monthly fee to and from the Albertville Primary.
    Threes and Fours will be riding the kindergarten/elementary bus in the morning and afternoon.
    Preschool children will be pick-up/dropped-off at the pre-determined bus stops.  
    There is a transfer at the elementary schools along with the kindergaten children. 

    The mid-day route will be early childhood students only. Each bus will have a paraprofessional.

    Busing is costly and this is an optional service.  Cost is for one or both ways.  There is no reduction.
    All parents will recieve more information in August.

    2 Days = $35/month
    3 Days = $50/month
    4 Days = $70/month
    5 Days = $90/month

image of school bus