• Get Ready!

    Assessments can be a stressful time for students. These assessments present an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned.

    Here are some simple suggestions for parents on how to help students do their best on assessments.

    Preparing for Tests

    • Note test dates on your home calendar; schedule appointments on non‐testing days
    • Encourage your child to take responsibility for homework and class study
    • Encourage your child to ask questions at home and in class
    • Get to know your child’s teachers
    • Attend parent‐teacher conferences
    • Confer with teachers on a regular basis
    • Help your child to set realistic, yet ambitious goals. Support them in reaching their goals
    • Gather available test preparation materials and information
    • Assure your child knows that you value a good education
    • Praise your child’s efforts
    • Recognize hard work and persistence, particularly when facing difficult tasks

    During Tests

    • Ensure your child is rested and eats a healthy breakfast.
    • Make sure your child arrives at school on time.
    • Encourage your child to do their best work and to be persistent.
    • Do not remove your child from school on test days for appointments.
    • Maintain calmness about tests.
    • They are small portions of a child’s overall education and performance.
    • Ask your child how they are feeling about the upcoming test. Do your best to calm any anxieties.
    • If your child is experiencing anxiety, communicate this to the teacher so the teacher can work to alleviate test anxiety.

    After Tests

    • Ask your child about the test
    • Examine any reports that are sent home and share them, as appropriate with your child
    • Determine areas of strength and weakness
    • Share your child’s areas of strength and help them make a plan to address any weaknesses
    • Talk with the teacher if other information is needed
    • Support your child in setting and achieving new goals
Father helping Daughter

District Testing Documents

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