Retirement/403B/Resignation Planning


  • Teachers Retirement Association (TRA):

    • Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Deans, Social Workers, Speech Therapists and Nurses

    For more information, see the TRA website:  Minnesota TRA

    Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA): 

    • Paraprofessionals, Custodians and Cooks

    For more information, see the PERA website: Minnesota PERA

     Please view your contract for information on TRA and PERA.


  • The vendors (companies) list are approved to service 403b investment options to ISD 885 employees and have signed the necessary agreements in order to sell such products in this school district.  Employees may use any agent or broker so as long as the agent or broker is licensed to sell for the companies on the list or willing to participate with one of the vendor groups.  You may contact the companies directly to identify agents that service clients in our geographic area.  Brokers or agents may not enroll ISD 885 employees in 403b plans marketed by an entity not listed here.  ISD 885 does not endorse any particular company, agent, or broker, nor the specific financial products they market.  Please review the District 403b Universal Availability Notice

    Once your account is set up with the approved 403b Vendor or if you need to make any changes to your existing 403b elections, complete the Salary Reduction Agreement form and send to your Benefits Coordinator, Emily Nordmann, at

Retirement/Resignation Process

  • If you are considering retirement or resignation, you are encouraged to contact Douglas Birk, Director of Administrative Services,  or Emily Nordmann, Benefits Coordinator to discuss applicable contractual provisions and/or retiree benefits. 

    Employees must complete the retirement/resignation form and submit the completed form to their building principal or program/department director.