Enrollment Choices

  • In Minnesota, students and their families/guardians have a wide range of meaningful school options beyond the traditional, neighborhood school.

    Please read below for information on Open Enrollment, Homeschool, and Homebound Information.

Open Enrollment

  • The St. Michael-Albertville School District welcomes non-resident students through Minnesota’s Open Enrollment program. Over 1000 open-enrolled students from 17 different Minnesota school districts call STMA Schools home. We welcome them to our tradition of excellence and look forward to carrying out our mission of creating self-directed learners, purposeful thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible citizens. If you live outside St. Michael-Albertville Public Schools district boundaries, follow these steps to apply for open enrollment.

    Open Enrollment Timeline/Deadlines:

    • January 15: Download and complete the Open Enrollment Application. Email, fax, drop-off, or mail to St. Michael-Albertville Schools, 11343 50th Street NE Albertville, MN 55301. The statewide application deadline for open enrollment is January 15. Students who are requesting open enrollment for their early childhood special education (ECSE) child, should use this form as well.
    • February 15: Look for communication on open enrollment approval/disapproval by February 15.
    • March 1: After receiving approval of your application, you must complete and submit registration forms by March 1 to confirm your commitment to attend.
    • Once a student is accepted as an open enrollment student, the student has the right to continue to attend STMA Schools through graduation, as long as the student maintains continuous enrollment.
    • You must fill out new open enrollment forms if you have a change of address.

    Families that Apply for Open Enrollment after the January 15 Deadline

    Deadlines do not apply if one of the following conditions is met:

    • The resident district has an approved Achievement and Integration Plan (see list on MDE website), in which case there is no deadline and enrollment may begin at any time after notification of acceptance. (Minn. Stat. 124D.03, subd. 4)
    • The family moved to the resident district on or later than December 1. (Minn. Stat. 124D.03, subd. 7.)

    If none of the above conditions apply, follow the process below.

    • Parent/Guardian completes Open Enrollment Application. Students who are requesting open enrollment for their early childhood special education (ECSE) child, should use this form as well.
    • The district will send the resident district a Non-Resident Agreement (NRA). The resident district does not have to approve the NRA. If the NRA is approved by the resident district, the student can attend STMA Schools for the remainder of the year. Open enrollment begins the following school year.

    If you have any questions regarding the open enrollment process or timelines, please contact Shannon Foreman at 763-497-3180 or shannonf@mystma.org.

    To learn more about open enrollment at STMA see School Board Policy 509 - Enrollment of Nonresident Students.


  • For some families, homeschooling is the appropriate educational choice for their child.

    If you determine homeschooling is the best option for your child(ren), please read below for important information and deadlines.

    • Homeschool Full Report*– Submit before October 1 of the first year of homeschooling within a residential district, or within 15 days of withdrawing a child from public school in order to homeschool.
    • Letter of Intent to Continue Homeschooling*– Submit before October 1 of each year after the instructor has provided the same district with a Homeschool Full Report.
    • Aids to Nonpublic Students – A small amount of financial assistance is available through the State of Minnesota's Aids to Nonpublic Students program. In order to be eligible, the Aids to Nonpublic Students Form must be submitted before October 1. Aids change slightly each year and are set by the State of MN. Aids for 2020-2021 are:

    $85.59 per eligible pupil for textbooks, standardized tests, and individual instructional materials on a loan basis. These funds can be used for ACT testing.
    $83.63 per eligible student for Pupil Health Services.
    $279.36 for Secondary Pupil Guidance and Counseling Services

    Completed forms can be submitted to STMA Schools by the modes below.

    1. E-mail: shannonf@mystma.org
    2. Send via USPS to STMA Schools ATTN: Home School 11343 50th Street NE Albertville, MN 55301
    3. Fax 763-497-6588

    *You do not have to use these documents; you can submit this information to the school district in a different format.
    For questions or more information, please contact Shannon Foreman (763-497-3180) or visit the Minnesota Department of Education website for forms and additional homeschool information.


  • Medical Reasons:

    We have the responsibility to provide a program of instruction to students who are unable to attend class at school due to extended illness or injury. Educational services must be provided to any student who is:

    1. Prevented from attending their regular school site for 15 consecutive days; or
    2. Predicted to be absent from the normal school site for 15 consecutive school days according to the placing authority such as a medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, judge, or other court-appointed authority (written verification is needed); or
    3. Health-impaired and in need of special education and predicted by the IEP team to be absent from the normal school site for 15 intermittent school days.
      (Minnesota Rule 3525.2325)

    Homebound instruction may be provided only during the period students are absent from regular classes and must be provided by a licensed teacher. Per the Minnesota Department of Education Personnel Licensing Division, teachers who do not have a standard license and only have a short call substitute license are not eligible to work as homebound tutors unless they are reserving for the regular homebound teacher.

    Once students return to attend the normal classroom or the school year ends, no further missed membership (attendance) days may be made up and claimed through homebound instruction (MARSS Manual, 2010) Once students return to school full time they cannot receive homebound instruction for any hours that they have not been scheduled during the time they were unable to attend school.

    One hour of one-one homebound instruction must be provided for each membership day claimed through homebound instruction. The one hour of homebound instruction does not need to take place each day; the total hours of instruction may be one hour per day for each day the student is absent from school (MARSS Manual, 2010).

    The scheduling of homebound instructors should be developed in accordance with the student’s and the teachers' calendar. The location of the instruction is also determined by the homebound teacher and the student (and /or parents as applicable), and most often takes place at a neutral location such as the public library. Instruction may also be scheduled at the student’s home if that is acceptable to both parties.

    Hospitalized Students:

    Academic instruction is provided by the district where the hospital is located either through one-to-one, small group instruction or through an educational component of the hospital program.

    Non-Medical Reasons:

    Students with special education needs are also sometimes placed on homebound status by their Individualized Education Program (IEP) team if the team determines it is in the student’s best interest. The student’s IEP must be modified to reflect homebound instruction. One hour of one-to-one instruction is provided for each day the student does not attend his/her regular school unless otherwise specified by the IEP team.

    If a parent/guardian would like to request homebound services due to an extended illness or an IEP team decision, s/he should contact the child's principal/assistant principal or special education case manager for more information. If the request is due to a medical reason, request the “Documentation of Need for Homebound Instruction Form” to be completed by a medical professional.