Enrollment Process


    Every child who attends St. Michael-Albertville Schools is assigned to a school, with the exception of preschool students who do not have attendance areas. Each STMA school has an attendance boundary. Generally, all students who live within the attendance boundary attend their assigned school. To identify your child’s school, please use your address or the map with the service below to determine your assigned school.

    School Finder logo with a school in a magnifying glass.

    For additional information review School Board Policy 551 or contact Shannon Foreman at 763-497-3180 or shannonf@mystma.org.

    *Preschool programs do not have attendance areas. Parents/Guardians enrolling their child in a preschool should contact the Bright Beginnings Program at the Community Education Center at 763-497-6550.

    ENROLL for 2019/2020 School Year

    The enrollment process for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year occurs online.
    **Please note that if you have submitted open enrollment documents for your student(s), you still need to complete the online enrollment to have them enrolled into their respective school(s).

    Each enrolling family must have a ParentVue account to enroll their student(s).
    To create a ParentVue account, please contact Shannon Foreman at 763-497-3180 or shannonf@mystma.org for an activation key.

    If you have a current ParentVue account, please use our "enroll now" tab below to enroll your student(s). 

    **These can be uploaded during enrollment or dropped off at the district office**

    1. Proof of Residency (Only need one of the following)

    • Current Driver's License or other ID with current address
    • Current Utility Bill - Dated within 60 days
    • Letter from Government Agency - dated within 60 days
    • Lease Agreement - signed by lessee and lessor and show the lease period (Start Date - End Date)
    • Purchase Agreement - signed agreement (by both the buyer and seller) with purchase date and address referenced / HUD verification with the owner's name & address

    2. Immunization Records

    3. Proof of Age

    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport / Visa
    • Official government document indicating the child's full legal name and birthdate
    • Previously verified school records

    4.  Staff will request your child’s transcript and special education records (if applicable) from your child’s previous school. If applicable, please provide (or upload during enrollment) any current court (legal) documents or IEPs that may pertain to the education of this student.

    Enroll now


    Once you have determined the school your child(ren) will attend, explore the school's website. Contact the representative from each building listed below to schedule a tour! We can't wait to show you around!

    School/ Grade                                                      Contact                      Phone #                                  Email
    Bright Beginnings                                                Jane Helgestad             763-497-6550                  janeh@mystma.org

    Albertville Primary                                               Karen Sorenson            763-497-2688                  karenso@mystma.org

    Big Woods Elementary                                         Carol Newman              763-497-8025                  carolne@mystma.org
    (Grades 1-4)

    Fieldstone Elementary                                          Jody Johanson             763-497-0904                   jodyj@mystma.org
    (Grades 1-4)

    St. Michael Elementary                                         Denise Daleiden          763-497-4882                   denised@mystma.org
    (Grades 1-4)

    St. Michael-Albertville Middle School East               Teri Odland                 763-497-2655                   terio@mystma.org
    (Grades 5-8)

    St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West              Jessica Trebesch         763-497-4524                   jessicat@mystma.org
    (Grades 5-8)

    St. Michael-Albertville High School                         Emily Northenscold      763-497-2192                  emilyno@mystma.org
    (Grades 9-12)