Welcome to the STMA School District

  • The STMA community has a long-standing tradition of high-quality education. Our families value the importance of excellent education as shown in their continued support of our school district. STMA students excel because their learning is future focused and placed at the center of everything the district does.

    The decision of where to send your children to school is one of the most important decisions any family will ever make. Becoming an STMA Knight means that your child will attend school in a safe, positive learning environment and become a self-directed learner, purposeful thinker, effective communicator, and responsible citizen.

    We believe becoming an STMA Knight will be a wise decision and one that will greatly benefit your children and your family. We are here to help and give you the information you need. If you have additional questions, please call us at 763-497-3180 or Shannon Foreman.


Online Census Form


    Have you recently filled out a St. Michael-Albertville School District Census Form for Independent School District #885? If not... and you answer "YES" to the questions below, please take the time to complete the online census form.

    • Do you have pre-school aged children (0 to 5 years old) living in your household? OR
    • Do you have school-aged children not enrolled in the St. Michael-Albertville School District?

    The St. Michael-Albertville School District keeps a record of all families in our district. Being on the school census ensures that:

    • You will be notified of Early Childhood Screening.
    • You will be notified of Kindergarten Enrollment dates.
    • The primary school will be expecting your child when it's time for kindergarten.
    • Accurate planning and projection for the growth of STMA Schools.
    • Maximum funding is received by our district from state governments.

    It is very important to the school district for families in the above categories fill out a School Census. If you are new to the District or have made changes since the last time you filled out a census form, please fill out a new census. If you currently do not have children in the categories listed above living in your home, you do not need to complete the online census form.

    Any child attending school in the state of Minnesota must have an Early Childhood Screening record. It involves a simple, easy method of finding out how a child between the ages of 3 and 4 is growing and developing.

    Thank you in advance for your help in keeping our records current. We greatly appreciate it! For more information, contact the District Office at 763-497-3180.

Early Childhood Screening

  • Parents of children who are in our census database will be called to schedule a screening appointment before their child's 4th birthday. If you would like to schedule your child for screening before that time, please contact Lindy Legatt or 763-497-6528. Please contact Ms. Legatt if you have not received a call to schedule a screening appointment by the time your child is 3 1/2 years of age.

    What is Early Childhood Screening?
    It's a careful, simple check of your child's growth... physical, developmental, and emotional. Early childhood screening helps us identify health and learning problems, and prevent them from becoming more serious. However, screening is not intended as a substitute for healthcare from your family physical or other providers.

    Who is required to be screened?
    All children living in ISD 885 who are at least 3 years old and not currently enrolled in kindergarten NEED to participate in this FREE screening program before entering kindergarten. Minnesota law requires that your child must be screened for enrollment in a public school unless you conscientiously object to the screening. In that case, please complete the Conscientious Objection Form and return it to Lindy Legatt at the Community Education Center, 60 Central Ave West, St. Michael, MN 55376 or email it to lindyl@mystma.org. Children who attend Head Start or Early Childhood Special Education may not have to participate. Please contact the screening office for additional information.

    When Should I have my Child Screened?
    The ideal age for screening is when your child is between 3 and 4 years old.  Waiting until the year before school entry may be waiting too long.  Screening can detect possible learning or health concerns that can be addressed before they start Kindergarten.

    Do I need to make an appointment?
    Yes. Screenings are done by appointment only. You will be contacted by phone when your child is age-eligible for their screening, and an appointment will be scheduled. Screenings are done periodically throughout the school year (see schedule below) at Community Education Center. Please contact Lindy Legatt at 763-497-6528 with questions. If you have an age-eligible child and have not been contacted by us, please contact Ms. Legatt.

    If you have scheduled an appointment for your child's screening, forms and a confirmation letter will be mailed to you. If you misplace or do not receive the forms, please call 763-497-6528 for a new packet, or you may use the links below to print the documents.

    2019-2020 School Year Screening Dates

    Monday, October 4th - 8:00AM to 11:00AM
    Tuesday, October 15th - 8:00AM to 11:00AM
    Thursday, November 7th - 3:00PM to 5:30PM
    Friday, November 8th - 8:00AM to 2:30PM
    Thursday, December 5th - 3:00PM to 5:30PM
    Friday, December 6th - 8:00AM to 2:30PM
    Thursday, January 16th - 3:00PM to 5:30PM
    Friday, January 17th - 8:00AM to 2:30PM
    Thursday, March 5th - 3:00PM to 5:30PM
    Friday, March 6th - 8:00AM to 11:00PM
    Thursday, April 2nd - 3:00PM to 5:30PM
    Friday, April 3rd - 8:00AM to 2:30PM
    Friday, May 29th - 8:00AM to 2:30PM
    Early Childhood Screening Forms and Documents
    Registration Form for Early Childhood Screening
    Child Health and Developmental History
    Pupil Immunization Record
    Parent Consent form