Recess & Lunch Schedules

  • Please have your child dress appropriately as students will be going outside for recess prior to lunch when weather permits.


    2nd Grade Lunch A (Al-Rifai, Solum, Windel) 11:15-11:40

    2nd Grade Lunch B (Brisson, Dahlke, Schreifels) 11:25-11:50


    1st Grade Lunch A (Hansen, Hinnenkamp, Huls) 11:40-12:05

    1st Grade Lunch B (Gaulrapp, Pearson, Polinceusz) 11:50-12:15


    4th Grade Lunch A (Krupke, Odegard) 12:05-12:30

    4th Grade Lunch B (Hinzmann, Tauber, Smith) 12:15-12:40


    3rd Grade Lunch A (Allerson, Hanson, Ingebritson) 12:30 - 12:55

    3rd Grade Lunch B (Barbeln, Johnson, Rabe) 12:40 - 1:05