Welcome to 5th Grade

  • We are excited to begin programming for the 2018-19 school year. Below is a link to our Responsive Hour Registration process. Please take some time to let us know if your child is interested in a music option by selecting the appropriate course.

    Please remember that core courses (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science) and ALB (Active Learning Block) courses will be scheduled for all students. This includes our Advanced Math and Advanced Language Arts courses.

    The registration process is only for our Responsive Hour for each grade level. The primary decision includes whether your child is interested in one of our music options of Band or Choir. All students not interested in a music option will be programmed into trimester courses offered by our ALB teachers. Also, please remember that all students needing support in Language Arts and/or Math will be assigned additional support during our Responsive Hour.

    Thank you for visiting with your child and providing a response to this Google form.

    Printed forms will also be available in the Middle School West office.

    Students will choose from the following options:

    1. Band (full year)

    2. Choir (full year)

    3. Band and Choir (full year/rotated days)


    Students not interested in a music option will have the opportunity to experience the following courses:

    1. Fitness Frenzy
    2. Exploring 2D and 3D Art
    3. Music Through Time


    Please call Melanie Chapman, our Guidance Counselor, at 763-497-4524 if you have any questions about the registration process. We hope to have the registration process completed by Friday, May 11th. Any registrations not received will initially place students in our Trimester Course option.



5th Grade Registration Selection Form