• STMA Kids


    STMA's Equity Vision

    STMA will eliminate racial predictors of student success.


    STMA's Equity Mission     

    We will:

    • Come to a deeper understanding of the impact of race and racism personally, on our educational systems, and on our broader society as Americans.
    • Develop racial equity leadership capacity across our system.


    This will lead to:

    • Transformation of expectations and systems. 
    • The fostering of student success.
    • The creation and sustaining of high-quality programming.
    • An environment in which ALL students can thrive.



  • Ten Minnesota Commitments to Equity

  • Racial Equity work in STMA is driven by the Mission of the district (below) as well as the Minnesota Department of Education's Ten Commitments to Equity (above).

  • The mission of District 885 is to provide a safe educational environment where students are encouraged to develop lifelong learning skills that nurture positive attitudes and self-worth.

  • For additional information about our district Racial Equity work, contact

    Teri Johnson, Director of Teaching and Learning


    Dr. Amy Larkin, Manager of Special Services