Kindergarten Registration

  • Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1, to be eligible for kindergarten.  


    **These can be uploaded during enrollment or dropped off at the district office**

    1) Proof of Residency (only need one of the following)
            *Current driver's license, current utility bill, letter from government agency, lease agreement, purchase agreement

    2) Proof of Age (only need one of the following)
             *Birth Certificate, passport/Visa, official government document indicating the child's full legal name and birthday

    3) Immunization Records

    4) Court/Custody (legal) documents, if applicable

    5) Copy of IEP/504 plan, if applicable


    Due to Covid 19 - Tours are only available between 2:15 - 4:00. To schedule a tour of Albertville Primary, contact Karen Sorensen at 763-497-2688, ext. 1001 or  Please explore the Albertville Primary website for more information. 

    Early Childhood Screening is required prior to entering kindergarten. Click HERE to schedule a date and time that is convenient for you. If you have any questions, contact Jane Helgestad or call 763-497-6512 

    PEN ENROLLMENT - Families living outside of the STMA school district will need to apply for open enrollment. More information can be found on the Enrollment Choices Page of the District website. 

    TO BEGIN THE ONLINE PROCESS, you must have a ParentVue account. If you don't have a ParentVue account, please email Sunday Kloncz or call her at 763-497-3180, ext. 5152



    2020 - 2021


    WELCOME CLASS OF 2021 - 2022!

     January, 2021:  Families will receive a Kindergarten Registration Information Letter in the mail by February 1st.  If you do not receive the registration letter by the end of the first week of February, please contact Karen Sorensen at Albertville Primary at 763-497-2688, Ext. 1001or send an email to


    February 1, 2021:  Online registration opens for Kindergarten. 

    2021 - 2022

    The school supplies list for 2021 - 2022 is now available.

    Each enrolling family will have access to online registration through their ParentVue account. For those families who do not have a ParentVue account, a ParentVue Activation Key was included in your Kindergarten Registration Information Letter mailed in January. If you did not receive a ParentVue Activation Key,  please email Sunday Klonz or call her at 763-497-3180, ext. 5152 If you have a current ParentVue Account, please use our "Enroll Now" tab to enroll your student(s).


    May 13, 2021:  Kindergarten Open House:  This year's Open House is intended to provide incoming students and families with an initial introduction to kindergarten at Albertville Primary. During this time you and your future kindergartener will have the opportunity to take a self-guided tour of the building. You will have the option to ask staff questions about learning spaces and classrooms in the building, and as you end your tour on our playground, your future kindergartener will be given a treat. Areas included in your self-guided tour will be an example of a kindergarten classroom, Art Room, Music Room, Media Center, Computer Lab, Cafeteria, Gym, Multipurpose Room, Albertville Primary Office, and the playground. 

    *Due to COVID-19, we have put a number of safety measures in place in order to make this evening enjoyable, yet safe for all participants. One of these measures is to limit Open House to parents and your future kindergarten student only. Please no siblings or other family members.


    August 2021:  Ready, Set, Go!    

    * Teacher assignment letters are sent via email in the middle of August. 

    * Directions to sign up for your specific orientation date/time will be included with the teacher assignment letter.  (See Kindergarten Orientation description below.)

    * A kindergarten supply list is sent via email with the teacher assignment letter. It is also available on our school's homepage.

    * Bus route information will be available mid to late August via ParentVue accounts.


    September 7 & 8, 2021:  Kindergarten Orientation: 

    Kindergarten orientation is for student and parents only.  Plan on spending approximately one hour for the orientation.  You and your child will have the opportunity to meet with your teacher for 30 minutes, become familiar with their new school surroundings, check-in their school supplies, have their school picture taken, and have their vision/hearing tested.  Information on how to sign up for your specific orientation day/time, along with teacher assignments, will be mailed to parents in mid-August.


    September 9, 2021:  First Day of Kindergarten:  Welcome Class of 2034!



     Kindergarten is an important milestone for lifelong learning. 
    Our exceptional kindergarten teachers have a genuine love of learning and a
    commitment to the gifts of young learners.