Reading Specialist

    It is our goal to help ensure that all students at St. Michael Elementary have 
    acquired the skills necessary for reading.  
    Equally important is that they have the motivation to read and enjoy it!
    How can you help at home?
    • set a routine to read together every day
    • model for your child by reading yourself
    • turn off the television whenever possible
    • ask open ended questions about books,  ex. "how do you think that character is feeling?"  "why do you think that?"
    • model for your child what you're thinking when you read by verbalizing your thoughts out loud
    • be sure your child gets enough sleep and eats a good breakfast before taking on a day of learning
    Some additional key points to help your child.
    • Students need to apply what they have learned in real reading experiences.  It is not enough just to learn about decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  (Keep your child reading.)
    • Build a reading community at home.  Share your love of reading.  (It's never too late to develop a love of reading.)
    • Sneak Read - finding precious minutes here and there for reading is an acquired skill and worth the time invested!
    • Praise - be careful how you use it!  Praise is connected to how students view their intelligence.  Does your child have a fixed mind-set or a growth mind-set?  Praise their effort and determination to meet a challenge, not their intelligence.  For more information on the mindset of effective students see Reading Resources.
    If you have any questions or are looking for additional information that I can provide on this website,  please contact me. I'd love to hear from you!
    Wishing you all a great school year!
    Karla Wheeler - STME Reading Specialist
    101 Central Avenue West

    St. Michael, MN 55376