Scholarships/Financial Aid


    Local Scholarships: 

    Seniors can apply for local scholarships by filling out this application. By filling out this one application  you are applying for over 60 scholarships at once. 

    Local Scholarship Application

    In addition many local scholarships have their own applications which can be found and printed here. Please be mindful of turn in locations and dates. 


    Local Scholarship Request Form

    Request Form



    There are many scholarship applications available for all types of students attending all types of post-secondary options in the STMA Guidance Office. They are located on the far wall of our Career Center. Please stop in to check them out.


    National Scholarship Opportunities

    Current Scholarships Available


    Financial Aid

    Some helpful websites for financial aid information

    The Financial Aid Department recommends that the FAFSA form is filled out online at To sign the FAFSA form online students and one parent must apply for a PIN number. For maximum financial assistance, FAFSA forms must be filled out as close to January as possible. Parents and students must have income tax information on the tax forms prior to completing the FAFSA. STMA hosts a Financial Aid Night for students and parents in January.


    Financial Aid Presentation

    On November 4th at 7pm, the high school counselors held a Financial Aid presentation in the PAC.  Click here to view the presentation.