Welcome to STMA High School

  • Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,


    Welcome to Saint Michael-Albertville High School, home of the Knights.  In a few short weeks our staff and students will be returning to the halls, classrooms, and playing fields to embark on another incredible year filled with academic success, memorable moments and community connections.  I am honored to be part of a school district within a community that values education so strongly and has built a solid foundation that ensures success for their children.     

    Within our classrooms, we are committed to offering the best educational opportunities we can provide to our students.  Our mission is to prepare our students to become 21st Century Learners by challenging them to stretch themselves through the professional guidance of our outstanding and dedicated staff.  We pride ourselves with relentlessly improving our curriculum to ensure authentic learning takes place each and every day.  We want to empower our students to expand their knowledge through critical reading, writing, thinking and speaking. 

    At STMA High School, you can be assured that your student will flourish in a safe and effective learning environment.  The key to student learning is for teachers to make meaningful connections within their classrooms.    Our teachers understand that each student learns differently and that they must build solid connections with their students in order for educational growth to take place. 

    The success at STMA goes beyond the classroom.  Not only do we have dedicated teachers and support staff, but we also have over one-hundred dedicated coaches and advisors who work with our students before and after school in a wide array of fine arts, academic and athletic offerings.  We have excelled year after year in both fine arts performances and athletics.  Our students take pride in their school, and they represent the community well while participating for the blue and gold Knights.

    I am proud to be the principal of STMA High School.  I hope that your child’s 700 Day Journey is successful and that he/she takes advantage of the many wonderful opportunities that are provided at STMA High School.   I look forward to the school year and working for both you and your student(s).  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.



    Bob Driver
    STMA High School Principal
    Phone:  (763) 497-6515