Survey Results & Comments

Principals Kelly & Merfeld stated, "We are very excited to see the strong level of engagement demonstrated by students within Project Phoenix! The instant feedback is motivating to the students which ultimately increases their academic success!"

Below are responses from one classroom participating in Project Phoenix. These questions will be updated as the surveys are compiled between both middle schools.

91% responded either strongly agree or agree to the statement - When we use our mobile devices, my teacher lectures less and moves around the room helping students more.

73% responded either strongly agree or agree to the statement -I use my mobile device to communicate with other students about school or school work.

91% responded either strongly agree or agree to the statement - When we use our mobile devices, I am more interested in class.

91% responded either strongly agree or agree to the statement - When we use our mobile devices, school is more fun and engaging.

73% responded either strongly agree or agree to the statement - I am more likely to complete online class work than 'traditional' paper/pencil assignments.

91% responded either strongly agree or agree to the statement - The use of mobile devices has had a positive impact on my attitude toward school.

Below are all of the open ended responses from the students without edits regarding "Project Phoenix".

  • I like it and think we should be able to use it for other classes as well.
  • I'm am glad to see the use of mobile devices
  • it's great
  • I like it and think we should be able to use it for other classes as well.
  • why do we use project phoenix
  • Using the mobile devices in class was a great idea because most students didn't use their mobile devices at all for school purposes and it gives us more use for it.
  • I think it should continue (:
  • Because of Project Phoenix Global Studies is my favorite class.
  • Its cool.
  • I think project phoenix is a good thing for us, its a good way to help people.
  • I enjoy using mobile devices in our class. I think it helps us stay engaged and has our brains thinking in other more creative ways than reading through the books everyday. Plus I think having the mobile devices and all the apps help kids stay connected and remember to do homework or projects in our school. The apps are just another neat way to "stay connected" and help kids with their school. So I have a positive mind for the Project Phoenix.
  • i like using my phone during school
  • I am not totally against the project phoenix BYOD. But I would rather do assignments on paper and in textbooks then online or in a mobile device. Its really hard to go online on an ipodor iphone, because it is small and that makes the words tiny. Also one thing not completely related to this is that i hate those senteo clickers, I always do horrible on those because typing it in gets complecated then i get all of them wrong because i typed in the wrong letter for the wrong question.
  • i think the whole school should do this
  • i feel that it will help me a lot
  • i like it
  • i think project pheonex would be better if we could use r devices in more classes
  • I really enjoy school more when we are allowed to us of mobile devices!!! :)
  • "I think this is a good idea and will benefit future generations.
  • :)"
  • I really enjoy working with the devices in class and think that it will be a better learning experience for me! I also think it will help me learn better!
  • "I do like using the mobile devices but i would like it if we had a heads up.So we can be prepared or so we know to bring our devices.
  • :)"
  • I am really liking the idea of Project Phoenix and would really recommend it to all grade levels and teachers!
  • I think that Project Phoenix is a great idea. I feel like it helps me already so much more.
  • I think that using a mobile device has helped me because sometimes I forget to write down my homework assignment and I can just look on Schoology and I can figure it out.
  • i belive we should use our devices every other day and should be informed which days to bring our devises. Our class should also be allowed to play music when we have permistion
  • I like how we have schoology because its easier then teacher websites! because they really don't have anything and most teacher webpages are confusing!
  • It is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • I think that using our mobile devices in classes that use project phoenix is helping me to figure out how to use my device for educational purposes. I also think that using our devices helps us to keep track of homework.
  • I think project phoenix is a great idea and that they should expand the number of classrooms per school or our school district itself.
  • I find it as a great idea and I think the entire school district should be using project Pheonix.
  • i think that it is better for homework if we can use our devices to help us do home work
  • i have nothing against using devices in class but for me its just not my thing i'm more of a paper pencil kind of person but other than that it is kinda col because music helps me think and i like to listen to music in class so their is kinda an upside to it too.
  • It is a good thing to have he option to use them and it will help alot.
  • i like project phoenix
  • i think its great an everything. though i don't think its the best idea. i od not know, this school is much more behaved then other schools out there, and bringing phoenix to those others schools. i just think of more theft and bad doings with the devices.
  • I think we should be able to use project pheniox in every class
  • I dont have a electronic in school but i will in november and it helps others have more fun including me
  • I'm excited to use my phone this year.
  • I think being able to bring our devices to school is pretty cool. I like it!
  • We should use mobile devices more often/in other classes as well.
  • i llike it alot and think that it should be more widely used next year
  • We should use our devices to study and look up information.
  • I think that it is super cool that we get to use our mobile divices because its pretty easy because we use them almost every day out side of school and know how to use them effeciently so i think it is really cool that we get to use our phones and ipods ect
  • I don't have my own mobile device that i would choose to used in class so I like the fact that we have iPads and Chromebooks to use. :)
  • i love project phoenix! It helps me a lot now that we have our devices in class. I hope it stays that way!!
  • i think project phoenix is a great way of learning & i think that all classrooms everywhere should invest in this project phoenix not only does it keep kids in reltity but it also engages kids & motivates them to learn more & kids are becoming exiced to came to school, so i think project phoenix is a great thing :)
  • I think using the mobile has help me alot this year.
  • I think this is a great start at making school a more fun and exciting place to be! :)
  • I like Project Phoenix!
  • Using mobile devices in class has made it easier to learn and underatand things.
  • I really enjoy the Project Phoenix idea for our school. I think that we should use our devices more then we do. Also working with other students or in groups help me and maybe other people learn better so i think that we should have more of the device using and the working with groups! :)
  • I may use my device more when I can transport it here.
  • I really do like the use of mobile devices in the classroom. Hopefully as we get more in depth in the mobile device program then the more advanced students can work at a faster pace so they continue to be interested in what they are learning. I honestly do think that STMA is a little behind many other school districts because many schools have already started the mobile device using in the past few years, and to make sure our school district stays on top of things we should be keeping an eye out for other things that school districts are doing, for the benefit of each student to make sure our school can continue to grow and prosper.
  • I think the project is fun!
  • projectphieonex is awsome and i would like 2 continue 2 use my mobile device in class it is very helpfull with my school work!!!
  • we should do more things on our mobile devices
  • I think project phoenix is a very good way to learn. Teens use their mobile devises for mostly everything these days that include communication with other students, knowing whats going on with the world and also education. i like the idea of having our devices faced down so we arnt tempted to break your trust and go on it for non educational purposes. i am very exited for project phoenix this year because its a very good way to learn and ive also been wanting to use my mobile device in school since ive had on.