Middle School West Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 - Day 2

Posted on: Feb 6, 2018

Good morning, it is Tuesday, February 6th.  It is a day 2. 

Congratulations to Drew B., Hope H., Emma K., Tamaira N. and Alyssa S. on winning two grants of $1000 at the AdCap Innovation Challenge that took place on Super Bowl Saturday!  The girls pitched an idea called Lettuce Box that will incorporate a small salad bar and TPS- The Smoothie Project that will incorporate smoothies.  They represented MSW with poise and amazing leadership skills and came away with an experience that will last a lifetime! Congratulations!

Students interested in the exploratory day activity “Teacher Helper at St. Michael Catholic School” need to turn in their pre-approval forms today.   

Coach Anderson of the varsity girls’ lacrosse team is holding an informational meeting Thursday after school in the lecture hall for all 7th & 8th grade girls interested in playing on the high school lacrosse teams this spring. 

Hello Softball players.  It's that time of year to make your summer softball plans.  Whether you want a recreational or travel softball experience, we have the program for you.  Go to  www.stmagirlsfastpitch.com to check out our programs and register.  Registration is open through February 19. 

7th & 8th grade boys’ basketball teams are home tonight against Big Lake at 3:45.  A games are first.  Gold B teams play.

The top three KORTS in AR points are 3rd place Mr. Oseth with 717 points, 2nd place Mrs. Rowland with 808 points and leading the pack is Mrs. Leland’s KORT with 902 points.  They have a 94 point lead over Mrs. Rowland’s KORT.

The top ten students in AR points are 10th Mason A., 9th Dominic G., 8th Talia S., 7th Tamaira N., 6th Joseph Q., 5th Delaney F., 4th Colin R., 3rd Ella O., 2nd Ngao V. with 290 points and first with 445 points is Angelika M. WOW!!

Lunch today:  Lines one and two have cheese quesadillas.  Line three has stuffed burgers, PBJ grape, and deli turkey on a hoagie bun.

At this time, KORT Teachers, please send all of the 5th graders to the gym.

Have a great day.

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