Friday, November 17th, 2017 - Day 3

Posted on: Nov 17, 2017

Good morning, it is Friday, November 17th.  It is a day 3.  

Nice job to our newest Knights Honor winners.  5th grade winners are:  Deborah W. and Tyson M., 6th grade winners: Declan S. and Robert C., 7th grade winners: Julia W. and Michael L., and 8th grader winners: Sydney R. and Brody M.

Parent/teacher conferences are next Tuesday from 3:45 until 7:45.

The book fair runs through next Wednesday. Come and visit during the school day or during parent/teacher conferences.

7th and 8th grade wrestlers, remember practice begins Monday.  Make sure you have your parents register you this week.  You won’t be allowed to practice Monday if you are not registered.

According to page 3 of your student handbook, all lost and found items will be donated by the 15th of each month.  All lost and found items have been moved out in front of the office. If you are missing anything, please check the lost and found and take anything that belongs to you.  Anything not claimed by next Wednesday will be donated. 

Are you interested in drawing, creating and earning a cash prize for your creation?  The St. Michael Lions 2017 Drug Awareness Poster Contest is just for you!   You will need to complete a poster on an anti-drug message. Original drawings are encouraged. Please remember to not use food, glitter or candy of any kind on your poster. You will need to grab an official sticker for your contact information and poster board from Mrs. LaPointe in the health room, F110, or the main office. Posters are due on December 8th.  You need to turn in competed posters into the main office or Mrs. LaPointe’s health room, F110.  Winners will be announced in the new year.

Lunch today:  Lines one and two have stuffed cheese or stuffed pepperoni pizza.  Line three has breaded chicken patties, PBJ grape, and deli turkey sandwiches.

Have a great day.

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