Each KORT class chose a book or a book theme to decorate on a poster. The top three posters will earn a prize. 1st place winners will have breakfast catered from McDonalds. 2nd place will have donuts, and 3rd place will have a candy bar treat.


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February 2017

Come see all of the fun that's happening in the month of February!

Announcements Video - Feb1st: Poster Poster, Photo Contest, Mystery Reader Description

Announcements Video - Feb 8th Reading Medallion Clue #1

Announcements Video - Feb 14th Reading Medallion Clue #2



Try to identify the book and the author of each of the 15 books on the posters that are hanging in the cafeteria. Enter in the cafeteria or the media center.


I LOVE TO READ Photo Contest

Another month long contest that we have is a photo contest. Students and staff members can bring in photos of themselves reading alone or with another person, a pet, a group of others, etc. Any photo with books and reading will qualify. It could be a current photo or an old photograph. So bring in those photos to display or take a new one to share. All students and staff that enter the contest will be entered in a drawing for a prize. We will also choose 3 winning photos for prizes.

Reading Medallion Hunt

Clue #1
Our first clue is simply one number. There is a great series of books published by Scholastic books for middle school readers. In this series the Cahills are searching for clues to find out about their past and ancestors after their grandmother passes away. Each book in this series is written by a different well-known middle-grade author. The name of the series contains a two-digit number. Our first clue in the medallion hunt is the second number in the name of the series. Remember this number. After all the clues are revealed you will be able to put them together to find the medallion. Keep track of the clues and GOOD LUCK!!

Clue #2

The second clue in our Reading Medallion hunt is part of the title of a book. This book is one of a trilogy written and published in 1954 and is one of the best and most classic fantasy novels ever written. This set of books is one of my all-time favorite books that I try to read every summer. You could watch the movie, but the book is much better than the movie version. Our clue is the second word in the title of the second novel in this series. It also happens to be a number. Combine that with our first clue to try to narrow down the location of our reading medallion. Good luck!!

Clue #3

Our next clue is part of the title of another book frim the same series as the book from clue #1. This book is the second book in the series and written by the author of many books for middle school students including the Swindle series of books. The book for our third clue tells the story of Amy and Dan Cahill as they learn about Mozart and travel to Vienna, Austria to search for a clue themselves. Our medallion clue is the 2nd word in the title of this book. Just like the last two clues, this one is another number. Put the first three clues together to get a three-digit number. Good luck.

Mystery Reader Contest

During the announcements a staff member will read a section from a book with their identity hidden. Students and staff members will then try to identify who the mystery reader is and what book they are reading. There will also be a poster in the hallway. The box to enter the contest will be in the media center and in the cafeteria during lunches.


Word Games in Media Center

During lunches word games were set up in the Media Center that the students were allowed to play!

Guest Readers

Parents, community members, other STMA staff members, and middle school staff are invited to join us as guest readers!!

Get Caught Reading Tickets

Students who are caught reading when they finished their work or other tasks put their names on a ticket and were entered in a drawing for a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. 

Get Caught Reading Tickets