Exploratory Day

The mission of STMA Middle School's Exploratory Day is to give students the chance to explore new opportunities, try activities that they would otherwise not have the chance to try, and/or participate in community service projects.

Exploratory Dates

Exploratory Day ~ January 27, 2017


8th grade sign-up day is 12/12/16

7th grade sign-up day is 12/13/16

6th grade sign-up day is 12/15/16

5th grade sign-up day is 12/16/16

Exploratory Day Activity List

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Activity costs


Total Cost of Eday Activity

Feed My Starving Children

$    10.00

Urban Plunge

$    11.00

Skiing at Powder Ridge

$    26.00

St Paul Cave Tour

$    19.00

MN History Museum

$    13.00

Vertical endeavors

$    22.00

Outdoor Skating

$    11.00

Cats And Dogs

$      9.00

Skatin Place

$    20.00

Bowling and More

$    24.00

Nickelodeon Universe

$    21.00

Fun at Wellstead

$    5.00

Behind the Scenes

$    16.00

Trapped Puzzle Room

$    30.00


$    16.00

The following Exploratory Day activities are still available as of 12/16/2016.

All Day AM PM

Building a wood duck house

Breakfast and books Read and feed
Urban Plunge Cards and board games Card Making

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