Counseling Corner

We meet individually with students regarding many different issues such as friendship, conflicts, bullying, academic difficulties, families in divorce, grief, and depression. We also conduct different groups addressing issues such as social skills, family change, anger management, and study skills. To find out more about what groups are being offered or if you feel your child needs individual attention, contact any of the counselors listed below.

Name Contact Position Works with:
Jessica Buskey

763-497-2655 x93014

Social Worker Special Education

Julie Knudson

Last Names A-L

763-497-2655 x93023

Counselor Regular Education

Jessica Mesna

Last Names M-Z

763-497-2655 x93552

Counselor Regular Education



Are you looking for websites relating to multicultural topics? See the links below:

The counseling department has a library of resources available for parents and children that areresources available to check out from the school. The books, videos, and tapes cover topics from parenting, ADHD, depression, body image, friendships, middle year dilemmas, bullying/teasing, divorce, relationships, and much more. Please contact, Jessica Buskey, social worker, at 763-497-2655 Ext. 93014 or for more information.

Parent/Educator Resources

ADD/ADHD Behavior Change Resource Kit
ADD Moments Volume 1 (CD)
After School Partnership (CD)
Anger Control Training for Children and Teens
Angry & Oppositional Students Calming Classrooms with Love & Logic (audio cassette)
The Art of Assertiveness Practical Skills for Positive Communications (VCR tapes)
Asperger Syndrome and Your Child - A Parent's Guide
Assertive Discipline for Parents
ATM Teaching Module
Attention Deficit Disorder Workable Solutions (audio cassette)
Brief Therapy and Eating Disorders
Building Self Esteem in Students
The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander
Bullying:  Not Just a Guy Thing (VCR tape)
Bullying Prevention Handbook
Calming the Chaos (ADHD) (audio cassette)
Cancervive Teacher's Guide for Kids with Cancer
Character Education Activities Program
Childhood Lying, Stealing, and Cheating (audio cassette)
Children Learn What They Live
Children & Teens Afraid to Eat
Children with Anger Problems
The Clumsy Child - A Program of Motor Therapy
Confronting Sexual Harassment
Connecting with Others - Lessons for Teaching Social & Emotional Competence
Court TV - Your Turn - Bias in Schools (VCR tape)
Creative Therapy:  52 Exercises for Groups
Cutting - Understanding & Overcoming Self Mutilation
Dear Auntie Frazzle - Creative Ready to Use Prompts for Problem Solving
Developing Character in Teens (audio cassette)
Dimensions of Learning
Disrespect, Rudeness, and Teasing
Diversity in Action
Don't Give Me That Attitude
DSM IV Diagnosis in the Schools
DSM IV Diagnosis & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Educating the Child with Cancer
Emotional Aspects of the Childhood Leukemia
Emotional Intelligence
Ending School Violence - Solutions from America's Youth
Energizers & Ice Breakers
The Explosive Child
The Facilitator's Guide for the Insight Class Program
Feelings About Friends
Fifty Activities for Teaching Emotional Intelligence
Fight Back with Love - Every Adult Has a Responsibility to Prevent Bullying (VCR tape)
For Parents: How to Raise Your Child's Self Esteem
For Teachers: How to Develop Student Self Esteem
Forever a Child - A Documented Account of Drinking & Driving (VCR tape)
Forms for Helping the Socially Fearful Child
Four Steps to Responsibility (CD)
Friendship for Grades 5-9 (VCR tape)
Gangs in Schools
Girl Wars - 12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying
Grief, Trauma, and Loss (audio cassette)
Group Counseling For School Counselors
Hate Crime Case (VCR tape)
Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, & Consultants (audio cassette)
Helping The Child Who Does Not Fit In
Helping Kids Deal with Anger (tape)
Helping Students Overcome Depression and Anxiety
Helping Teens Cope
Helping Your Anxious Child
Helping Your Depressed Teenager
Higher Functioning Adolescents & Young Adults with Autism
Homework without Tears - A Parent's Guide for Motivating a Child to Do Homework
Homework without Tears for Teachers
HOPE Underachieving Kids - Opening the Door to Success with Love and Logic (VCR tape)
How Much is Enough?
How to Raise a Teenager's Self Esteem
I'm Still Me! Fighting Blood Related Cancers (VCR tape)
In Search of Character (VCR tape)
Individual Counseling & Lessions for Adolescents Grades 7 - 12
Individual & Small Group Counseling for the Children of Alcohol & Drug Abusers
It is So Hard to Be Poor - Sharing & Caring (VCR tape)
Jump Starters - Quick Classrooms Activities that Develop Self-Esteem
Kid's Guide to The Kid's Guide to Working Out Conflicts
Learning to Appreciate Diversity (VCR tape)
The Life Saver Kit (tape)
Lion's Quest Combination Workshop Guidebook
Longitudinal Leisure Skills for Severly Handicapped Learners
Love & Logic Solutions (VCR tapes)
Love & Logic Solutions for Kids with Special Needs
Love & Logic Teacher-isms
Making the Grade - Back to School After Cancer (VCR tape)
The Mental Health Desk Reference
Motivating the Uncooperative Student
Motivating Students Who Don't Care
My Space for Mom and Dads
New Beginnings Skills for Single Parents & Step Family Parents
No More Misbehavin'
101 More Life Skills Games
101 Support Group Activities For Teenagers Who are Targets of Bullies
101 Support Group Activities For Teenagers Who Bully
104 Activities That Build: Self Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Etc.
Odd Girl Out - The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls
1 - 2 - 3 Magic (VCR tape)
The Other Parent
An Overview of Autism/PDD
Parenting Teenagers
Parenting Teens with Love & Logic
Parenting Through Crisis - Helping Kids in Times of Loss, Grief & Change
Parenting with Love & Logic
Parenting with Love & Logic (tape)
Parents Who Care: A Step by Step Guide for Families with Teens (book & video)
Peace Ed Curriculum for Peace Activities
The Power to Prevent Suicide
The Power of Social Skills in Character Development
Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with ADHD
Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with Disruptive, Defiant or Different Behaviors
Preventing Conflicts & Violence (VCR tape)
Promoting Social and Emotional
Quick & Easy Classroom Interventions (tape)
Raising Boys
Raising Your Spirited Child
Real Boys
Recovering From Depression
Redirecting Children's Behavior
Relationship Development Intervention with Children, Adolescents & Adults
Relaxation Tapes
Respect: A Girl's Guide to Getting Respect & Dealing With When Your Line is Crossed
Respecting Others for Grades 5 - 9 (VCR tapes)
Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools
Rights & Respect
Salvaging Sisterhood
The Scared Child
The School Counseling and School Social Work - Treatment Planner
The School Savvy Parent
Schools Under Siege
Secrets of Stepparenting (tape)
Self-Esteem and Life Skills
Self-Esteem and Life Skills III
Self-Esteem for Tots to Teens
Self-Esteem: A Women's Issue
Shaping Self-Concept (tape 3 copies)
Skills for Adolescence Activities and Assignments
Simply Special Learning to Love Your ADHD
Smile, You're Worth It! Workbook
Social Activities
Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving for MS Students
Social Skill Activities for Children with Special Needs
Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs
Social Skills Activities for Special Children
Social Skills Handbook
Social Skills Lessons & Activities
Social Skills Rating System
Social Skills Story Cards
Stickup For Yourself
Stress Real Life Teens (VCR tape)
Struggle to Be Strong
Study Strategies Made Easy
Taking Risks and Welcoming Change
Talk with Teens about Feelings, Family, Relationships and the Future
Talk with Teens about Self & Stress
Teacher in Charge (VCR tape)
Teaching Social Skills to Youth
Teaching with Love and Logic (VCR tape)
Teen Smart! Activities to Help Teens Build Positive Relationships
Teenage Suicide
Too Much, Too Soon...Over Indulged Children, Dealing with At Rish Youth and Their Enabling Parents
Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School
A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies for Individuals with Autism
Treating Depressed Children
Treating Youth with DSM-IV Disorders
Trouble Free Teens (tape)
Understanding Misbehavior
Undoing Depression
Up From Under Achievement
Warm Ups & Wind Downs
What Do You Do With a Child Like This?
Why Boys Don't Talk and Why It Matters - A Parent's Survival Guide
Why Charlie Brown Why/ Fighting Blood Related Cancers (VCR tape)
Why Do They Act That Way?
Why Girls Talk and What They're Really Saying - A Parent's Survival Guide
Winning Teenagers Over in Home and School - A Manual for Parents and Teachers
With a Little Help From My Friends - Living with Leukemia & Lymphoma (VCR)
Worry Free Parenting
Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives 

Student Resources

Am I Blue?
The Behavior Survival Guide for Kids 
The Best Friends Book 
Boundaries - A Guide for Teens 
The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce 
Bridges - Building Relationships and Resolving Conflicts 
Bringing Up Parents 
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain 
Chicken Soup for the Soul 
Chicken Soup for the Soul Journal 
A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul 
Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff 
Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney 
Divorce is Not the End of the World 
Don't Laugh at Me 
Dr. Suess Suessisms 
50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save The Earth 
Getting Organized Without Losing It 
Fighting Invisible Tigers 
Helping Kids Help Themselves 
Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out 
How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up 
How to End the Sibling Wars 
How to Handle a Bully 
How to Take the GRRRR Out of Anger 
Kid Power Tactics for Dealing with Depression
Kid's Random Acts of Kindness 
Making Every Day Count 
Making the Most of Today 
No B.O.! 
Oh, The Places You'll Go 
101 Things Guys Need to Know 
Scared and Worried 
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens 
Stress Can Really Get On Your Nerves 
Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD
Taking Cancer to School 
They're Calling Me Names (tape) 
Too Old For This, Too Young For That! 
True or False? Tests Stink!
The Victim (tape) 
Voices from the Streets
What Do You Think? A Kid's Guide to Dealing with Daily Dilemmas 
What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? 
When A Friend Dies 
When Nothing Matters Anymore 
When Someone Very Special Dies 
You Can't Sell Your Brother in the Garage Sale! 
You're Smarter Than You Think