About STMA High School

St. Michael-Albertville High School
5800 Jamison Avenue NE
St. Michael, MN 55376

School Office

School Hours: 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Office Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Phone: (763) 497-2192
(Attendance, Principal, Assistant Principals, Wright County Deputy Liaison)

Daily Schedules

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Monday, Wednesday & Friday are NO SNAP days
Tuesday & Thursday are SNAP days


Enrolling a Student

For new student enrollments, please complete the registration packet. You may mail or turn in the completed forms and the required documents to the High School Administrative Assistant, Colleen Harrington. If you have questions, please call (763) 497-2192 ext. 8001. View the registration booklet for course offerings.

Improvement Plan

High School Improvement Plan

Safe Community

Minor consumption charges are increasing in the Wright county area. With more patrol Deputies and the increase in drinking, it is easier than ever to get a “minor”. Every case is different and is subject to many factors that the judge takes into consideration when handing down a punishment. Below are the minimal charges that a minor drinker can expect.

  • 1st Minor consumption: $182.00 fine & alcohol class
  • 2nd Minor consumption: $382.00 and 1 yr probation
  • 3rd Minor consumption: $382.00 and 1 yr probation, alcohol assessment, and some inpatient or outpatient counseling.

All minor consumption charges are a misdemeanor and could go as high as a $1,000 fine and 30 days in jail. Remember, court is in addition and the parent/guardian must accompany child to court; this means time out of work.

Minor consumption charges also affect activities. The following is the Activity policy for STMA:

  • 1st alcohol, drug or tobacco offense: 14 days of practice or 2 games (or contests), whichever is greater.
  • 2nd alcohol, drug or tobacco offense: 28 days of practice or 6 games (or contests), whichever is greater.
  • 3rd alcohol, drug or tobacco offense: 42 days of practice or 12 consecutive games ( or contests).

Wright County Sheriff’s Department mails notification to the activities department with the charges the week following the ticket is issued.

Nuclear Emergency

The new High School falls within the 10 mile radius of the Monticello Nuclear Power Plant. This requires the High School to make readiness plans. Please view the below documents for more details. Parents must sign and return the Potassium Iodide consent form. For questions, please contact Julie Winkelman (district nurse) at juliew@stma.k12.mn.us