News Crew

News Crew


Be on time: That means being here at 7:30 on your crew day- Put your coat & backpack in your locker and check in with your teacher before coming to the Media Center. 

  • Be dedicated to your job & put forth best effort
  • Respect for authority and school equipment
  • Be cooperative with others in the News Crew
  • Work as part of a team
  • Must be willing to do ALL jobs


  • Co-Anchors: Deliver the weather & lunch menu and other school information on cue. Smile & say your lines clearly!
  • Camera 1: Operates camera 1
  • Camera 2: Operates camera 2
  • Director: Make sure everyone is in their place. Help guests. Cue crew when to get ready & when we’re clear.
  • Switcher: Uses the “switcher” to change camera shots. Switches between microphones.