Driving / Parking

Student drivers are expected to drive responsibly and safely and must have a parking permit in your vehicle. The Wright County Sheriff will be notified of persistent reckless driving habits and driving privileges may be revoked. We have preschool children and moms coming in and out of building so it is critical that you drive safely and slowly.

Student parking is located in the lower parking lot at the Community Education building. Students must only park in the designated student parking areas. Students may not park in the visitor’s parking spots (first 4 spots in each row). Any student vehicle parked anywhere other than the student lot during school hours may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Patrols, Inspections and Searches

School officials may conduct routine patrols of school district locations and routine inspections of the exteriors of the motor vehicles of students. If we suspect that a search of the interior of a student vehicle will uncover something illegal or against school policy, we may, without notice conduct a search, without a search warrant.