Cell Phone Policy


  • Listening to music during work time. Music must not be audible to anyone in the room but yourself. It is NEVER appropriate to listen to music during class discussions or when a teacher is addressing the class
  • During breaks or during lunch.
  • When instructed to do so by a teacher for a class activity.

NOTE: At no time are students to record pictures or videos of students or adults without consent. The use of a personal electronic device or any device capable of taking photographs and videos is not allowed in restrooms. These devices include, bur are not limited to: cell phones, cameras, PDA devices, and other such technology.


If you choose to use your phone during a class, or you cause a disruption to others, the classroom teacher will ask you to bring it up, place it on their desk or in a designated area for you to pick up at the end of class. If you refuse to do so, this will be treated as insubordination. You will be asked to speak with the Director who will take your phone for the remainder of the school day.

If an electronic device is being used in a way that may be potentially breaking a school policy, administration may look at the pictures, messages or other content (see District Policy 502).