About Our School

School Hours

Class Time
7:45 - 2:00

Office Hours
7:00 - 3:30


Arrival - Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedure: If you drop off your child please use the drop-off lane at the front of the building. A staff member will open the passenger side door to let your child out. If you prefer to walk your child into the building, you need to park in the parking lot and use the crosswalk to enter the building.

Dismissal Procedure: If you are picking up your child, you will need to park and wait for the student just inside the front door. The teacher will bring your child to you.

Walkers will be escorted by the teacher to meet the crossing guard at the front door. The crossing guard will help students cross Main Avenue.

Students who do not take the bus to school can arrive no earlier than 7:20 a.m. 


Emergency Closings

School closings, late starts, and early dismissal information will be announced on WCCO, KARE, FOX 9, and KSTP television stations. Parents will also be notified via phone and e-mail via SchoolView. It is important for parents to keep phone and e-mail information updated in Schoolview to receive emergency information.

Parents are reminded to plan ahead for emergency school closings. If school closes early, students will be sent to their usual destination. Due to the large volume of phone calls during these situations, office personnel will not call parents.

Picking Up Your Child Early

If you are picking your child up early, send a note. Please arrive ten minutes early to allow time for your child to be excused from class, to gather their belongings, and to be signed out in the office by parents or guardians.


Students have recess daily. If the temperature or wind chill is below zero degrees, students will have indoor recess. Please dress your student for the weather.

Transportation/Daycare/Address Change



To ensure the safety of all of our students, all visitors to our school must enter our school using door A. All other doors are locked.

Volunteers, Chaperones, and Background Checks

Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer and chaperone. All volunteers and chaperones will be required to complete and pay for district background checks. For information about background checks, refer to the STMA/Parents web site.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ways to Help Our School

Our school raises funds for supplies and events by saving the following: General Mills Box Tops, Campbell Soup UPC's, Coborn's Food Club Points, and Computer Ink Cartridges. You can also support us by shopping Target and Office Depot. We also have a program called Support Rewards which is also sponsored by local STMA business'.

School Improvement Plan

Albertville Primary Improvement Plan