School Board Highlights

The St. Michael-Albertville School board is a policy-making body responsible for selecting the superintendent and overseeing the district's budget, curriculum, personnel and facilities. The school board is granted authority to carry out these duties by the State of Minnesota and the Minnesota Legislature. The board provides leadership to the community on behalf of the district.

Legislative Advocacy

As you know, STMA receives significantly less funding than other school districts in Minnesota: we currently rank 327 out of 331 Minnesota School Districts in general education revenue per pupil. However, you have a chance to help this week by contacting legislators and encouraging them to fix this disparity.

The Senate E-12 Finance Committee will hear testimony about SF189 (Kiffmeyer), a bill that would give more aid to school districts in the bottom 20th percentile of per pupil revenue, which includes STMA.

The hearing is Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 3pm in Room 1100 of the Minnesota Senate Building.

Superintendent Foucault will be testifying in support of the bill, as well as a few other superintendents. We invite you to e-mail the committee members below and encourage them to support SF189. You can begin your letter with: "Dear Madam Chair and Members of the Senate Committee on E-12 Finance,..." You can e-mail Committee Administrator Greg Marcus at and ask that your testimony be shared with all committee members, or you can e-mail them using the contact info below.

E-mail addresses:;;;;;

E-mail forms for those who don't have direct e-mail addresses:

Here is a link to the text of SF189:

Thank you for taking the time to contact committee members and for your support of STMA Schools!

STMA Legislative Platform

Below is the St. Michael-Albertville Schools 2017 Legislative Platform approved by the School Board at its January 16, 2017 regular board meeting.

Click here to download a pdf of the STMA Legislative Platform.

Capital Projects Bond Referendum

The School Board employed a comprehensive process in determining if they would seek a bond referendum. They established a Capital Projects Improvement Advisory Task Force to review and prioritize district capital needs that address safety and security, building and grounds maintenance and repairs, energy efficiency and technology. In addition, the School Board accepted recommendations from the task force on athletic facility needs. The School Board considered the recommendations of the task force and at the same time reviewed projected enrollment and the need for additional classrooms at Albertville Primary and the STMA High School. A listening session was held on Monday, August 22, 2016, to provide information and gather stakeholder feedback. See below for more information on the process.

Documentation listed below was used by the School Board and Task Force as they considered projects for the STMA Bond.