School Board Elections

The school board of St. Michael-Albertville Public Schools has six members who are elected at large to four-year terms. Elections for school board members are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November in even-numbered years.

2016 School Board Unofficial Election Results

The unofficial results of the November 8, 2016 School Board Election are shown below.  The School board will take formal action to canvass the votes on November 16, 2016.  The elected board members will be seated January 2016.

  • Carol Steffens -- 3301
  • Kari Dwinnell -- 4374
  • Hollee Saville -- 5102
  • Brian Reinbold -- 2052
  • Tom Polinceusz -- 2073
  • Joan Keiner -- 1242
  • Drew Scherber -- 4363
  • Write-In -- 78

2016 School Board Candidates

St. Michael-Albertville voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8 to elect three school board members for the St. Michael-Albertville ISD 885 School Board. Each member will be elected to a term of four years. In alphabetical order, candidates include:

Candidate Forms

Candidate Resources

Minnesota Secretary of State

Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA)

Campaign Signs

November 2014 School Board Election Results

The most recent Board Election was held November 4, 2014, when Jeff Lindquist, Jennifer Peyerl and Gayle Weber were elected to the School Board. Following School Board formal action on November 12, 2014 to canvass the votes, the elected board members were seated January 2015.

November 2014 Campaign Finance Reports

State law requires that candidates provide campaign finance reports for campaigns that reach a $750 threshold for funds received or spent in a calendar year. Submitted reports must be posted on the district website for four years.

November 2014 School Board Election Campaign Finance Reports