403(b) Plan

STMA's 403(b) plan accounts are held by Aspire Financial Services and administered by Educators Benefits Consultants, LLC (EBC).

Visit Aspire Financial Services website at aspireonline.com

View EBC Forms and Contact Information

District contributions are set by Collective Bargaining Agreement

Start by choosing your financial adviser - Locate a Financial Adviser - choose Plan Search and find St Michael - Albertville's plan information. Your financial adviser will help you setup your Aspire Financial account. Fill out the Aspire Application 403B Enrollment application

Once your Aspire Financial account is setup, you can elect your payroll contribution with our Salary Reduction Agreement Form

Change your 403(b) payroll contribution using our Salary Reduction Agreement Form

Contact Emily Nordmann at 763-497-3180 ext 5105 or emilyn@stma.k12.mn.us for questions

403(b) Universal Availability Notice

Aspire Financial Services Brochure

Aspire Financial Services Loan Request

Aspire Financial Beneficiary Change Form


Teachers Retirement Association (TRA):

  • Teacher, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers,Speech Therapists & Nurses

For more information, see their website: Minnesota TRA

Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA):

  • Paraprofessionals, Custodians & Cooks

For more information, see their website: Minnesota PERA


If you are considering retirement, you are encouraged to contact Douglas Birk (HR Director), Ginny Verbrugge (Finance Director), or Emily Nordmann (Benefits Coordinator) to discuss applicable contractual provisions and/or retiree benefits.

Employees must complete the retirement form and submit the completed form to their building principal or program/department director.

Contact information for TRA and PERA is included above.