Less than 12 month paraprofessionals and cooks.

Sick Leave

8.1.1 Rate
All employees shall earn sick leave at the rate of 1.25 days* for each month of service in the employ of the school district on a prorated basis.
8.1.2 Accumulation
Unused sick leave days* may accumulate to a maximum of one hundred fifteen (115) days* of sick leave per employee.
8.1.3 Usage
Sick leave pay shall be allowed by the School District whenever an employee's absence is found to have been due to illness, medical appointment, or dental appointment which prevented the employee's attendance at work and performance of duties on that day* or days*. A doctor's certificate may be required by the School District. An employee may use up to ten (10) days* per year of sick leave upon written statement of a physician that the employee's attendance to an ill spouse or parent living in the employee’s household was necessary. Up to two (2) days of sick leave per year may be utilized for medically prescribed care of a parent or non-dependent child living outside of the home up to the discretion of the superintendent Additional leave may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent or his / her designee.
Sick leave allowed shall be deducted from the accumulated sick leave days* earned by the employee.

Paid Time Off

An employee shall be granted leave of two (2) days* per year not to be deducted from sick pay, which may be taken in amounts of no less than one-quarter day* units.
Notice for paid time off days* must be submitted on Employee Access at least three (3) days in advance, except in case of emergencies. A paid day* off shall not be granted for the first ten (10) days or the last five (5) days of the school year, except for an emergency. Up to two (2) support staff members in a group (paraprofessional, administrative assistant, and food service) in a building may be absent for paid time off on any given day, except buildings with 7 or fewer support staff members in a group where the limit will be 1 or except in the case of emergency.
An employee may accumulate up to three (3) paid time off days*. Employees may carry over a maximum of one (1) paid time off day* from one year to the next.

Bereavement Leave

The following rules shall be applicable in requesting and granting leave days*:
a. Up to three (3) days*, non-accumulative, for immediate family.
b. Immediate family includes: spouse; or parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, or grandchild of spouse or self.
c. Additional leave will be allowed with the permission of the superintendent. If granted, this time will be deducted from sick leave.
d. Each employee will be allowed to attend the funeral of a relative or a friend not included in the immediate family subject to the approval of the superintendent. This time will be deducted from sick leave.


The following 9 days will be observed as paid holidays:
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day
New Years Eve Day
New Years Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day

Other types of leave

Information about all other types of leave can be found in the full Support Staff Contract which can be accessed with the Contracts/Unions link on the left.