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Sick Leave

Each teacher under contract in the appropriate unit shall earn sick leave with pay at the rate of ten days the first (1st) year and fifteen (15) days for each subsequent year in the employ of the District. The annual amount of sick leave to be credited for the year shall be added to amount of unused, accumulated sick leave, if any, and the sum of such sick leave shall be available to the teacher at the commencement of the teacher's duty year.
Unused sick leave shall accumulate from one year to the next to a maximum of one hundred ten (110) days. Teachers who have accumulated the maximum number of days shall not have sick days deducted from the total of one-hundred ten (110) until that teacher has exhausted fifteen (15) days pursuant to Subdivision 1 of this Article.
Teachers shall utilize their allowance of sick leave when an absence is necessitated by inability to perform the duties of the position by reason of illness or disability, or by reason of necessity for medical, dental or chiropractic care if the teacher was unable to schedule such care outside the normal school day. Up to ten
(10) days per year cumulative of sick leave may be utilized upon written statement of a physician that the teacher's attendance to an ill spouse or parent residing in the teacher's household was necessary. Additional days may be allowed by the Superintendent, whose decision is not subject to the grievance procedure. Teachers may use all of their accumulated sick leave for attendance to an ill child in accordance with MS 181.9413. Up to three (3) days of sick leave per year may be utilized for medically prescribed care of a parent or non-dependent child living outside of the home up to the discretion of the superintendent.
A teacher who is absent more than two (2) consecutive days may be required by the District to furnish a statement from the school health officer, or from a physician of the teacher's choice, as evidence of illness or injury, in order to qualify for sick leave. In the event the District requires such statement, the teacher will be notified by the District prior to the teacher's return from the absence, if possible. Nothing in this subdivision shall prevent the District from denying sick leave when investigation indicated sick leave may have been abused or improperly or inappropriately requested. Any denial of sick leave may be submitted to the grievance procedure.
In order to qualify for sick leave, a teacher shall submit the request to the building principal on Employee Access. Approved sick leave shall be deducted from any accrued sick leave earned by the teacher pursuant to Subdivision 1, of this Section.

Personal Leave

A full-time teacher shall be granted personal leave of two (2) days per year and not to be deducted from sick leave pay, which may be taken in amounts of no less than one-quarter (1/4) day units. Teachers will be paid for unused personal leave days at the daily rate of substitute pay.
Notice for personal leave days must be submitted on Employee Access at least three (3) days in advance, except in case of emergencies. Three (3) teachers or up to 6%, whichever is higher from each building may be absent on personal leave on any given day, except buildings with 25 or fewer teachers where the limit will be two or except in the case of emergency. The limit of the number of teachers allowed out on personal leave from each building will be doubled during non-student contact days. A personal leave day shall not be granted for the first five (5) days or last two (2) teacher duty days of the school year, except in case of emergency.
A teacher may accumulate up to five (5) personal leave days. In the first two years, one (1) personal leave day must be used or the teacher will be paid for one unused personal leave day. Teachers may carry over a maximum of three (3) personal leave days from one year to the next. A teacher may still be reimbursed for unused personal leave days but for no more than two (2) days per contract year.

Bereavement Leave

Each teacher in the appropriate unit shall be granted bereavement leave with pay upon request as follows:
Up to three (3) days of bereavement leave may be used by a teacher upon the death of a member of the immediate family.
For purposes of this section, immediate family shall be defined as the teacher's spouse or domestic partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchildren, brother or sister; and, spouse's parent, grandparent, grandchildren, brother or sister.
Bereavement leave of up to three (3) days per occurrence shall not be deducted from sick leave.
Additional bereavement leave beyond the three (3) days per occurrence limit may be granted by the superintendent upon the written and/or verbal request of the teacher. This time shall be deducted from sick leave.
Each teacher will be allowed to attend the funeral of a relative or a friend not included in the immediate family subject to the approval or disapproval of the superintendent, which will be deducted from accumulated sick leave.

Other types of leave

Information about all other types of leave can be found in the full Teacher Contract which can be accessed under Contracts.