Paid Time Off / Leaves of Absence

Requesting Time Off:

All employees should request paid and unpaid time off in Skyward. Upon hire, employees will receive a secure login and password to our Skyward employee portal. Time off requests in Skyward are for payroll/administrative purposes, check with your supervisor if you need to do anything additional. Access Skyward here or on our website under Staff.
Medical/Maternity Leave of Absence
Medical leaves for more than 10 days and maternity leaves should be requested on the
Leave of Absence Request Form for school board approval.   To learn more about  FMLA Leave, click here.
Requesting a Substitute:
Requests for substitutes for Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, Office Paraprofessionals, Teacher Paraprofessionals, Special Education Paraprofessionals, and Media Paraprofessionals should be made in AESOP. All other staff members should contact their supervisor for a substitute, if required. If you have questions about AESOP, contact Emily Nordmann in the District Office at 763-497-3180 ext. 5105.

Time Off Code Descriptions

Personal Leave & Paid Time Off (PTO)

Sick Leave

Bereavement Leave

No Pay & Other Leave