Wellness Incentive

ISD 885 and Resource Training & Solutions value employee health and wellness and are pleased to offer an employee benefit designed to support healthy lifestyles. We are currently in process of developing 2018 Wellness Incentive plan. We will be posting the Wellness Incentive plan soon.

Who is eligible?

All employees covered by any ISD 885 health insurance plan & retirees covered by any ISD 885 health insurance plan during the Wellness Program are invited to participate in this wellness incentive. Employees who are on their spouse’s ISD 885 health plan where both spouses are employees of ISD 885 may also participate.









It’s Confidential

The District and Blue Cross Blue Shield will not have access to your personal results. No one will have access to your individual results but you. The district may have access to non-personalized combined results based on all employees’ responses to the profile.