Health Savings Account Information

What's an HSA?

An HSA is a unique, tax-advantaged financial account that works with a specially designed, high-deductible health plan. A high-deductible health plan gives you a lower monthly premium in exchange for a higher deductible. The combination of high-deductible health plan and an HSA gives you effective, affordable and reliable health care coverage.
Top 10 reasons to open your HSA today:
  1. Your HSA gives you a triple tax benefit: Your HSA contributions reduce your taxable income, money in your account earns interest tax free & withdrawals are tax free when used for eligible medical expense.
  2. You decide when and how to spend your HSA dollars.
  3. You can use your account to pay for Eligible Medical Expenses that aren't covered by your health plan. Expenses like deductibles and coinsurance, dental care, orthodontia, and vision care plus some Over-The-Counter Expenses
  4. No "use it or lose it." Money not used in one year rolls over and is added to your balance the next year.
  5. You, your employer or both of you can contribute to the HSA in a given year.
  6. Your HSA works with your health plan.
  7. Fast, easy access to your HSA dollars when you use your HSA debit card or online reimbursements with direct deposit..
  8. Online access to your account at View the tutorial
  9. The money in your HSA belongs to you, even if you change jobs or retire.

You can sign up for a health savings account or change contributions to your health savings account on EaseCentral