Union Contracts

Education Minnesota

Collective Bargaining Group for Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Speech Language Pathologists, Social Workers & Nurses.

Certified Contract

Special Education Staff Memorandum of Understanding

Visit their website http://www.educationminnesota.org

School Employees International Union Local 284

Collective Bargaining Group for Custodial Staff, Cooks & Paraprofessionals scheduled over 14 hours per week.

New employee fair share dues begin at start of employment and continue on a per paycheck basis.

Support Staff

Support Staff Contract

Support Staff Memorandum of Understanding

Custodial Staff

Custodial Staff Contract

Custodial Staff Memorandum of Understanding

Visit their website www.seiu284.org


Principals Contract

Non-Union Contracts

Individual contracts are available pursuant to a public data request as outlined in St. Michael-Albertville School Board Policy 951.