Common Transportation Questions

Why does it take 30-40 minutes for my Middle School student(s) to get home from school?

Don's Bus and the district implemented the current two tier system several years ago. This means the buses pick up the K-4 students and then they go out again and pick up the 5-12 students throughout the district. This process is repeated in the afternoon and is why the Elementary start and dismissal times are earlier than the Middle Schools and the High School. This allows the buses enough time to drop off the Elementary students and complete the second tier of routes for the Middle Schools and High School. This system is the most economical way to provide transportation throughout the district.

In the morning, the MS/HS buses drop off at the school that they are closest to after picking up the last student. In the afternoon, the Middle Schools dismiss a little earlier than the High School so the buses have time to get to the High School and pick up those students before they begin the afternoon routes. There is not enough time for the buses to take the Middle School students home and get to the High School in time for dismissal. If they did, it would add considerable cost for transportation, as Don's Bus would need more buses and drivers.

Some students are on the bus for 30-40 minutes, but there is nothing we can do at this time to alleviate this situation. There is a provision in the transportation contract that the route times will not exceed 50 minutes and all routes will average 35 minutes.

Can my child be transported home some days and to daycare on other days?

Transportation is provided based on a Monday through Friday schedule. Consistency is important for your child’s safety. It ensures that your child does not get dropped off at an empty house due to a schedule mix up or a substitute driver. If your child’s schedule varies from day to day, you will have to provide transportation to the alternate location.

I can't see my child's bus stop from my house. What is the criteria for a bus stop?

Visibility from home is not part of the criteria for establishing bus stops. Bus stops are designed based on safety, traffic considerations and route timing. Individual stops at homes add considerable time to a bus route. If you are concerned about your child’s stop, you need to accompany them to the stop.

Why does my child have to transfer from one bus to another?

Due to similar start and end times at Big Woods, STME, Fieldstone, Albertville Primary, and the Parish School, the bus that picks up in your area is picking up students from three schools. In order to arrive at the schools on time, some buses transfer their students to another bus at one of the schools. This saves a great deal of time because it eliminates a stop from the bus route.

At the end of the day, not all of the buses can pick up at the Primary and Parish schools. The buses that do pick up students at these schools proceed to one of the elementary schools and transfer the students to the appropriate buses. The majority of students do not have to transfer but those who do will transfer to and from the same buses every day.

If my child has to transfer, how will they find the right bus?

If students transfer buses, the bus they ride will park near the bus they are transferring to. The students that are transferring are allowed off of the bus first and walk in a line to the next bus. The bus driver watches to make sure that all of their students board the second bus. The elementary schools also have staff members outside who monitor the loading and unloading of students.

If my child is having problems with other children on the bus, what should I do?

If an incident occurs on the bus, encourage your child to inform the bus driver. If it is an immediate concern, please call the bus company so that we can investigate the situation and take appropriate action. However, we cannot control situations that occur outside of the bus.