Frequently Asked Questions

When will we know the pick-up and drop-off times for the bus stops?

Final stop locations and times will be available on the ParentVUE parent portal on August 15, 2017. New families to the district will receive a letter with this information.

How do I ensure a seat on the bus for next fall?

Please complete the Open Enrollment Registration Form and make your payment by May 8, 2017.

Can I still drive my child to school?

Yes, you can still choose to drop-off and pick-up your child at the school they attend.

Can I get a refund if we don’t use the service for the entire year or start after the first day of school?

  • If a family pays for the whole year and starts the school year utilizing transportation and then leaves before the winter break, they would get half their money refunded.
  • If a family starts after the first day of school but before the winter break, they would need to pay for the entire year.
  • If a family starts after the winter break, they would pay for a half a year.
  • If a family starts the year and pays only half the payment and leaves before the winter break, they would not receive a refund.

Why do kindergarten students transfer buses at the elementary buildings?

Since STMA has a kindergarten center it is necessary to transfer students to a bus at each elementary because there is not enough time for every bus to go from each elementary to the Albertville Primary before the middle and high school routes and it is more efficient. It would also mean at the end of the day we would need over 30 buses to start at the Primary and there is not enough room for that many buses in the parking lot. There are staff at each building that help the kindergarten students get on the correct bus when they transfer.

Does the new open enrolled transportation option impact student that attend alternative schools?

The practice for these students will stay the same. Parents are responsible for transporting students if they attend an alternate school.