Transportation Information

In-District Daycare Transportation Information

The following Daycare Information will apply:

The parent’s home residence, not day care, will determine elementary and middle school assignment. Buses will not cross school boundaries to transport students in grades 1-5 to or from day care. The parent home address is considered the student’s address, which determines the attendance boundary (unless the student is in a court-ordered residence other than the parent’s residence). The bus company will regard a student’s daycare location as their “residence” only for the purpose of transportation, not school placement, if requested by the parent or guardian. It is necessary that the daycare be located in the school district and within the assigned school attendance area. The pick-up and drop-off may not vary from day-to-day but must be the same location every morning and every afternoon. Although this policy is not always convenient for parents, it is the safest for the students. Only the following will be considered:

  • Pickup at home, drop-off at home
  • Pickup at home, drop-off at daycare
  • Pickup at home, drop-off at Kids Play
  • Pickup at daycare, drop-off at daycare
  • Pickup at daycare, drop-off at home
  • Pickup at daycare, drop-off at Kids Play
  • Pickup at Kids Play, drop-off at Kids Play
  • Pickup at Kids Play, drop-off at home


  • Change requests must be in writing and will take at least one week to go in effect.
  • See the school boundaries page for school attendance.

Transportation Change Form - please use this form for changes in address or daycare

Important Transportation Notes

Please remind your student to ride their assigned bus to and from school and between schools. Students will not be allowed to get off the bus at another school unless you have made prior arrangements with Don's Bus Service. Middle School students participating in a varsity activity will be allowed to exit their bus at the High School. The activity office will notify the bus company which students are participating in a varsity activity.

Don’s Bus Service DOES NOT transport students to more than one (1) address throughout the week and/or school year. Transporting students to the same address daily promotes student safety, assures drivers of continuity, reduces confusion, lowers driver-passenger anxiety and time delays. We ask for your understanding, support and cooperation. Refer transportation questions and concerns to Don’s Bus Service at 763-497-2585. Please feel free to contact the Director of Transportation, Wayne Hoistad, for further assistance at 763-497-6523.