District Office

11343 50th Street NE
Albertville MN  55301

Phone and Fax Numbers
Phone:  763-497-3180
Fax:  763-497-6588

Office Hours
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

District Staff

Ann-Marie Foucault
-- Student Disability Discrimination, ADA/504 Coordinator
-- Homeless Compliance, District Homeless Coordinator

Douglas Birk
Director of Administrative Services
-- Student Sex Discrimination, Human Rights Officer
-- Student or Staff Harassment, Human Rights Officer
-- Equal Education Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Rights Officer
-- Student Sex Nondiscrimination Program Compliance, Title IX Officer

Sandie Chrobak
Accounts Payable Coordinator
763-497-3180 ext. 5107

Heather Sroka
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
763-497-3180 ext. 5148

Dolores Helgeson
Food Service Director

Amy Larkin, PhD.
Manager of Special Services

763-497-6501 ext. 5507

Emily Nordmann
Benefits Coordinator
763-497-3180 ext. 5105

Traci Reineke
763-497-3180 ext. 5109

Marilyn Satrang
Payroll Coordinator
763-497-3180 ext. 5110

Ginny Verbrugge
Finance Director

Karen Zachman
Office Assistant
763-497-3180 ext. 5108

Additional Resouces

Minnesota Department of Education

City of Albertville

City of St. Michael

Wright Technical Center

Sherburne & Northern Wright Special Education Coop

Wright County