STMA Legislative Advocacy

Similar children in similar school districts throughout Minnesota receive vastly different sums of per pupil revenue based on where their parents choose to live.

STMA ranks LAST (331 out of 331) in Minnesota school districts in total revenue per pupil. STMA receives $1,125 less in general education revenue revenue per pupil compared to the state average. Our state’s current policy for funding public education is grossly inequitable, irrational, and inexplicable.

Watch the video to learn more and see how you can help to ensure that all Minnesota students have the same educational opportunities. The School Board and district administration thank the students and staff who participated in editing and putting together the video.

STMA 2018 Legislative Platform

Below is the St. Michael-Albertville Schools 2018 Legislative Platform approved by the School Board at its January 16, 2018 regular board meeting.

Click here to download a pdf of the STMA Legislative Platform.

How to Take Action

Your help is needed to support changes in how Minnesota funds its schools. You can get involved by:

  1. Signing up to receive updates and alerts. Request updates by sending an email to: You will receive updates and information about how YOU can make a difference for our students.
  2. Following STMA Equity for Excellence on Facebook for timely updates.
  3. Writing letters to the editor, especially to the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press. This is especially effective when you respond to opinion pieces and articles on education.
  4. Sharing status updates and school equity information on your own social media posts. Use the hashtag #FundSchoolsFairlyMN.
  5. Contact your state legislators and legislative leaders.



Mark Dayton, Governor


Eric Lucero, House Representative


Mary Kiffmeyer, State Senator


Marion O’Neil, House Representative




  • Contacts:
    Senate Information Line: 651-296-0504
    House Information Line: 651-296-2146