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Attendance/Tardy/Make-up Class

No one is allowed to miss the 1st day of class or the Mandatory Parent/Student meeting

1. PERFECT ATTENDANCE IS EXPECTED! If a student must miss a class he/she must have PRIOR APPROVAL from the instructor. If a class is missed a make-up class is required. Refer to your class schedule for the correct Make-Up/Tardy Class to attend.

2. Student who have two or three tardies requires one hour of make-up time, four or five tardies requires two hours make-up time. Refer to your class schedule for the correct Make-Up/Tardy Class to attend.

� State Law for students under 18 years of age must be in attendance for 31.5 hours of classroom instruction.

� Because there is only one 4 hour make-up session, students needing more than four hours of make-up time will be WITHDRAWN and must REPEAT ALL thirty-one and a half hours of the classroom instruction.

� Students who are absent will be expected to have the next class assignments done upon returning to the next class as well as the assignment due on the day of your absence.

Materials & Assignments/Classroom & School Grounds Etiquette/ Blue Card/Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting

3. Students are provided with a textbook, workbook, and manual on the first day of class, they must bring them to every class along with a black pen, and highlighter in order to be admitted into the room.

4. Students must average 70% or higher on assignments and tests indicates they have successfully completed course.

5. Students who are 15 years of age or older will receive their BLUE CARD at the completion of this class. If the student does not turn 15 until after the completion of this class, the blue card will be kept in the Community Education office. The student may pick up their blue card on or after their 15th birthday in the Community Education office. The blue card enables the student to take their permit test.

6. Students with assignments (or parts of) not done when corrected with the class will be scored as incorrect. Students will LOSE 75% on test(s) from day(s) without instructor's PRIOR APPROVAL for excused absence.

7. Students should not bring electronic devices such as: MP 3 players, CD players or cell phones. They will not be able to use them during class. Also head caps, food or drink will not be allowed in the room. Computers/monitors are not to be used in the room.

8. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for students with a chemical violation or unlawful action during classroom instruction. They will be dropped from classroom instruction without a refund.

9. The telephone in the classroom should be used only to make an emergency call to their parent.

10. Please help keep the room and hallways clean.

11. Students must demonstrate a positive and serious attitude for this rigorous classroom instruction.

12. The need for disciplinary action could result in expulsion from the program.

13. Students must meet all requirements to pass the classroom instruction.

14. A MANDATORY parent/student meeting is scheduled during the Driver Education class, refer to class schedule for date and time. if at least one parent is unable to attend the mandatory parent/student meeting, the student's blue card will be held until a future parent/student meeting at STMA is attended by a parent or guardian. Those who attend a Supplemental Parental Course Certificate of Completion is issued and held at the Community Education office until the student has completed all of their behind the wheel training.

Students must be picked up promptly at the completion of each class by Door “A” at the High School.

Email Connie Peters at or call her at 763-497-1704 after you’ve passed your permit test to let her know you are ready for Behind the Wheel.