The District Staff Development Committee is charged with structuring professional development intending to improve instruction and ultimately student achievement. This committee, comprised of teacher representatives from each building, the special programming director, the director of technology, two non-certified staff members, and a principal, develop district staff development goals which align with the district’s strategic directions. Subsequently, individual site teams draft school improvement plans, write SMART goals, and prepare building staff development action plans in a concerted effort to carry out the district’s mission of graduating students who are self-directed learners, purposeful and effective thinkers, and responsible citizens.

District 885 is working together to reach its vision of consistently achieving academic rankings in the top 15% of all Minnesota public school districts and continuing to be the pride and center of the community.


To achieve its Mission and attain its Vision, District 885 will:

  • Personalize instruction to maximize learning growth and proficiency achievement for all students by increasing the use of multiple measures of educational data and identifying each student’s needs.
  • Hire, retain and develop high-performing staff capable of delivering outstanding education.
  • Continue to improve communications and accountability among teachers, students and families.
  • Increase reciprocal community partnerships by utilizing the knowledge and experiences of community members, exposing students to real world experiences, and strengthening the connection between school and community.
  • Prioritize expenditures to efficiently allocate resources to programs and instruction essential to improving student achievement.


A: Student Achievement: Academic Growth for All Students

Student Achievement Goal

During the school year, students will achieve measurable academic growth.

Staff Development Goal

District 885 will increase the use of formative data and research-based intervention strategies to promote the academic growth of all students. The effective use of technology for strengthening these practices will be encouraged and supported.

B: School and Family Partnership

Student Achievement Goal

Student achievement will be enhanced through increased partnership, communications and accountability among families, students and staff.

Staff Development Goal

St. Michael-Albertville staff will reach out to students and parents through communications, activities and trainings designed to build a stronger partnership and increase ownership in the educational process.

C: Build Community Relationships

Student Achievement Goal

District 885 staff will encourage students to become actively engaged members of their school and community.

Staff Development Goal

St. Michael-Albertville staff will nurture and maintain strong school/community relationships by increasing the scope and impact of community partnerships.