Q Comp

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The goal of Q Comp at STMA is to foster student learning and improve student achievement through goal setting, job-embedded professional development, and instructional coaching.
The Q Comp Plan was written and is guided by the STMA Q Comp Governing Board.
Governing Board Members:
Admin Representatives Superintendent Ann-Marie Foucault
  Secondary Rep Jennie Kelly
  Elementary Rep Jeanette Aanerud
Teacher Representatives High School Rep Lisa Maas
  Middle School Rep Jen Patnode
  Elementary Rep Becky Kemmetmueller
Facilitator Q-Comp Advisor Jamie Wiitala

Q Comp Plan Information

STMA Site Goals

Site Goal Fund Application/Information

  • If your building did not meet their site goal in 15-16, use the forms in the link above to apply for the Q-Comp money set aside for you.

Teacher Observation Forms:

  1. Probationary Teachers: Use these forms throughout the year with administration
  2. High Cycle Teachers: Use the forms above for your 1st observation with your administrator.
  • Low Cycle Teacher Forms: All included in Google folder shared between you and your coach.

Q-Comp Compensation Forms

Observation Rubrics and Criteria Sheet

Governing Board Minutes




PLC Mileage and Stipend Forms

Instructional Coaches

The Instructional Coaches role is to help support teachers in their professional development. The Instructional Coaches may coach colleagues by modeling best practices, team teaching, providing feedback, observing, conferencing, collaborating, and sharing staff development.

STMA Instructional Coaches Google Calendars:

Matt Amundson's Google Calendar

Ryan Antony's Google Calendar

Aaron Heil's Google Calendar

Kaye Johnson's Google Calendar

Becky LeFebvre's Google Calendar

Brandi Merfeld's Google Calendar